How to Make Crispy Skin Grilled Chicken With an Extremely Simple Oil-free Fryer

Grill Chicken with oil free fryer

Crispy skin grilled chicken is an extremely delicious, fragrant, attractive grilled dish that is addicting to eat. Let’s go to the kitchen with Top Pho Restaurant to see how to make crispy grilled chicken with this simple recipe right here! Ingredients: Chicken 1.5 kg Fried sticky rice with 1 stick Ginger 50 grams Lemongrass 1 […]

How to Make Fried Shrimp With Cheese

Fried Shrimp With Cheese

Ingredients: 400g shrimp 100g cheese pieces Crispy flour Deep fried dough Cornstarch 3 chicken eggs Dried onion, seasoning, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking oil, sugar Instructions: Step 1: Prepare Shrimp Shrimps are washed, peeled, and black threaded. Then, you mince the shrimp and then marinate the shrimp with dried onions, seasoning seeds, monosodium glutamate, sugar, ground […]