Instructions for making Grilled Shrimp and Beef Noodles

Grilled shrimp and beef noodles

On weekends, if you have free time, go to the kitchen to make grilled pork vermicelli and grilled shrimp for the whole family. The ingredients are easy to find, and the food is delicious. Ingredients: Fresh vermicelli: 1 Kg Fresh Shrimp: 200 Gr Lean pork shoulder: 300 Gr Honey: 2 Tbsp Lemongrass: 1 Plant Salt: […]

Instructions for Making Simple Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are processed according to many different ingredients commonly found such as shrimp, meat, crab… In which, vegetarian spring rolls are made from vegetables and tubers which are the favorite dishes of vegetarians on special days. Let’s see how to make vegetarian spring rolls! Ingredients: The ingredients to make the most delicious spring rolls […]

Instructions for Making Grilled Shrimp and Beef Rolls

Grilled Shrimp and Beef

Another plus point for this dish is that it is extremely simple to prepare and does not take too much time. Let’s go to the kitchen to make delicious grilled shrimp rolls for your free day. Make sure you will be satisfied with the food you cook yourself. Ingredients: Beef tenderloin or rump: 200g. Shrimp: […]

Recipe to Make Grilled Chicken Noodle With Lemongrass in 30 Minutes

Chicken noodle with lemongrass

The chicken is tender and full of flavor emanating from lemongrass, with enough sweetness and harmony to make the dish attractive. Ingredients: A) Chicken and Marinated Seasoning: 800-900 grams chicken thigh or breast fillet (skin and bones removed) 1 tablespoon fish sauce 30-40 protein (if fish sauce has higher protein, reduce it). 1 tablespoon oyster […]