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Grilled Chicken Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

Grilled Chicken with paper roll

In this recipe, we’ll learn how to make delicious grilled chicken rice paper rolls. This refreshing and healthy dish combines tender grilled chicken with fresh herbs, vegetables, and the delightful flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. It’s perfect as an appetizer, light meal, or party snack. Let’s get started! Ingredients: 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts Rice paper […]

Grilled Chicken Vermicelli – a Unique and Familiar Dish

Grilled Chicken Vermicelli

Referring to grilled pork vermicelli, we often think of white vermicelli noodles served with grilled pork and sweet and sour sauce with a seductive aroma. Still the same flavor harmony, but today let’s try a little variation with grilled chicken vermicelli to innovate for this familiar dish! Ingredients: Noodle part: 1 portion of vermicelli 800 […]