Effects of Fresh Coconut Water

Coconut Juice

The health benefits of fresh coconut water are rare. Therefore, coconut water is a drink used a lot in daily life. So what are the benefits and harms of coconut water to the body?

Referring to coconut trees, we immediately think of beautiful beaches and white sand. However, in addition to the role of climate regulation, and providing drinking water to quench thirst and heat, we do not know many of the effects of fresh coconut water on human health that we do not know.

The Good Effects of Fresh Coconut for Health:

The good effects of fresh coconut on health is a natural beverage with no preservatives, no fat. Can be used as electrolyte water in cases of dehydration. Used as an infusion in some countries when medical saline is not available…

Effects of fresh coconut water on health such as: Reduce the risk of dehydration, increase energy, good for the heart, good for the digestive system, good for the kidneys, reduce heartburn and constipation ….

Reduce the risk of dehydration:
In fresh coconut water contains many potassium components, the amount of minerals is relatively high, so it will evenly mix the endocrine, internal fluids and replenish water for the body, helping the body’s apparatus to operate normally. normally, smooth.

Drinking a cup of coconut water a day helps reduce the risk of abnormalities of the digestive tract, restores the body after dehydration. In addition, in cases where you lose a lot of water, suddenly such as diarrhea, after getting sick, or suffering from heatstroke, sudden drop in blood pressure… Then the effect of fresh coconut water is a miracle drink to help the body. can regain balance for health.

Energy booster:
Fresh coconut water contains many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, so it is a great energy drink. Although fresh coconut water contains less sugar and sodium content than other sports drinks, it is high in potassium, calcium and chloride to help improve optimal energy levels of the body.

Along with that, coconut water is also known as a very pure liquid source, no bacteria, no preservatives. Therefore, when using coconut water regularly, it will help us increase energy, the body will be purified, the immune system will work better, strengthen the resistance to help the body avoid less damage. disease type.

Good for the heart:
Fresh coconut water is beneficial for intestinal bacteria and stomach acid. Therefore, if you drink coconut water in the morning, it will help the digestive system work more stably. Coconut water contains high concentration of potassium and lauric acid, so it is helpful for high blood pressure patients in regulating blood pressure. Coconut water can help increase HDL cholesterol, which is beneficial for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Good for the digestive system:
Fresh coconut water for the digestive system is coconut water containing lauric acid, when entering the body they will convert to monolaurin. (Monolaurin has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-intestinal worms, parasites and gastrointestinal infections) in children and adults.